Executive Committee

The Chapter officers and chairpersons of standing committees and liaisons comprise the Chapter Executive Committee. The members of this committee are responsible for the Chapter’s direction and serve as trustees of the Chapter’s property.

Standing Committees

With the approval of the Chapter Executive Committee, the Chapter president appoints the following committees, committee chairpersons, and liaisons within 30 days of taking office, with the exception of the Chapter Nominating Committee, which is appointed 90 days before the Chapter’s annual business meeting.

Meeting Coordinator. This position’s chief purpose is to arrange a meeting place, decide and arrange for refreshments, handle name tags, and other meeting necessities.

Membership Liaison. This position is responsible for keeping a list of all members of the Chapter, as well as retain present members and encourage nonmembers to join AMWA. This position also encourages medical manufacturers, suppliers, and publishers to become sustaining members of AMWA.

Newsletter Editor/Web site Liaison. This position is responsible for updating the Web site and sending out informational material to Chapter members.

Nominating Committee. This committee consists of 5 members, including the Chapter president-elect as chairperson. The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of members as candidates for Chapter president-elect, Chapter secretary, and Chapter treasurer. In addition, the committee designates members of the Chapter as candidates for AMWA’s Board of Directors. The AMWA Bylaws determine the number of directors and their terms of office.

Ad hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees are appointed by the Chapter president, with the approval of the Chapter Executive Committee, in response to specific needs; for example, an Awards Committee for annual awards in medical communication to be conferred by the Chapter, a Publicity Committee to publicize Chapter programs and special events, or an Regional Conference Committee in the event that the Chapter considers hosting a Regional Conference.

If you are interested in joining a higher level AMWA committee, please contact AMWA headquarters at